Virtual Power Negotiations™

In deal-making,  you don’t get what’s fair; you get what you negotiate!

You can now learn these valuable skills through our Virtual Power Negotiation™ seminars.

Virtual Power Negotiations™ Seminars

You negotiate all the time. You need negotiation skills for all types of negotiations — individual and team negotiations, or when you make deals through live-streaming or by telephone or correspondence.

Besides my physical seminars, my new Virtual Power Negotiation™ seminar is your answer.

Whether physically or online, the attendees and I see and hear one another — either in the chosen location or online. Attendees make notes in my specially designed Action Guide for maximum engagement.  We directly communicate. As with the physical seminar, I split the attendees into smaller groups for exercises and preparations for role-plays. I move from group to group — either physically or online — to guide and demonstrate techniques to you.

You will get frequent breaks to stretch your legs, grab something to eat or drink, and gather your thoughts.

In my physical seminar, I interact with delegates in a physical location such as a conference room — in person. In my virtual seminar, I interact with attendees in a virtual environment — also in person. Interaction is my “secret sauce” for the excellent sharing of skills. My virtual seminars have a look and feel similar to my physical seminars.

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What Are The Pros Of Virtual Seminars?

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Skill Up or Give Up

The power of online learning is undeniable. It started as a necessity but has now become a significant innovation in education and learning.
With the threat of Covid-19 mutations, the online learning trend is here to stay. Everyone needs new skills to adapt to the new normal. You will not be able to keep up — you may crumble under financial pressure. Now, my virtual seminar seamlessly replaces the physical learning space. It allows you to enjoy a digital learning experience.

What Others Say About The Training

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Register for the virtual Power of Negotiations seminar now so that we can secure your seat.