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Through the E.M.P.O.W.E.R. system, we help increase your sales revenue by moving from merely selling to negotiation.

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Your negotiation success is guaranteed! Thousands of negotiators have used Henk Botha’s negotiation system to get profitable deals.

Increase Sales Revenue

Increase your sales revenue by moving from merely selling to negotiation.

Generate VAT's

Generate Value Added Transactions when negotiating with suppliers, customers, contractors, professionals, financiers, and employees.

Win-Win Agreements

Make agreements where everyone wins. Do it with customers and suppliers to ensure lasting and profitable relationships. Do it with trade unions to ensure labour peace and stability.

Recapture and Repeat

Recapture and sharpen your deal-making ability.

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In deal-making, you don’t get what is fair, you get what you negotiate! >>

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Instead of us telling you how we have helped others just like you, we want you to hear it from our clients directly.

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Power Negotiations

Now you can learn all the secrets of professional negotiators at my Power Negotiation seminar. Learn how to create winning deals, even when others tell you it’s impossible.

Advanced Power Sales Negotiations

Once you have successfully completed the Power Negotiations seminar. It hones and expands those skills that you have already acquired at the Power Negotiations Programme.

Negotiating with Unions

If you negotiate with union organisers and shop-shop stewards, my Negotiating with Unions programme will equip you with all the skills you will need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a burning question about the course? Do you perhaps wonder if this course would solve your problems? Below you will find the most common questions that we will answer.

The short answer is, “Absolutely, Yes. We are so sure of it that our guarantee covers you 100%. But if you need a more in-depth explanation, I will send you a video about it or personally phone you. All you need to do is enter your name, email or telephone number so that I can send it to you or personally phone you.

The answer is yes. The course aims at business people who are constantly negotiating at work with one another, and with customers or clients, suppliers, contractors, consultants, bank managers, architects, project managers, union organisers and shop stewards, wholesalers, car dealers, business owners, municipal staff, and many others. If you want to check whether this seminar will help you in your specific situation, please enter your name, email or telephone number so that I can give you a very specific answer.

Henk presents the seminar in English if it was advertised in English. However, Afrikaans- speaking delegates may participate in Afrikaans, and Henk will reply in Afrikaans with a translation for English-speaking delegates who cannot understand Afrikaans. The Action Guide that each participant will get is in English to match the PowerPoint slides that he will use.

Henk presents the entire seminar, including the Action Guide, case studies, and role plays in Afrikaans if it was advertised in Afrikaans.

This feature is unique because it is the only Afrikaans-medium negotiation seminar in the world. The Afrikaans title is Onderhandel met Mag.

Please ensure that you give the full name(s) of the person(s) who will attend. Please give us your company name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and how you heard about us. We would also like to know how you will be paying for the seminar. As soon as we receive your information, we will register you in our database. You will receive an email confirmation from us within 24 hours.

At any time before ten working days before the seminar, you may cancel your registration and receive a full refund or transfer to another workshop within 12 months. You may send someone else in your place. Please notify us before the seminar who will attend in your place.
Advocate Henk Botha will personally present the seminar to you.
You may check-in at 08:00 on the first day for tea/coffee. The seminar itself will start at is 08:15. The session ends at 16:30. The second day will begin at 08:15 and conclude at 16:00.

We limit the number to 16 persons to ensure that you get maximum learning opportunity. There are many hands-on individual and group exercises and a significant role play to practice what you learned.

The fee includes coffee/tea before the seminar starts and lunch, coffee breaks in the morning and the afternoon. If you have special dietary needs, please phone us. We will try our best to accommodate you.

You may not record the exclusive copyrighted material or presentation.

The dress is business casual. Bring something warm so that you can adjust to the room’s airconditioned temperature if necessary.
A pen or pencil. You will make notes directly in your exclusive Action Guide so that you can hit the road running when you are back at work or home. We will provide all other seminar materials.
Expect an exciting, entertaining presentation by Adv. Henk Botha. You will get live demonstrations of various preparation and negotiation techniques, and you will experience Henk’s presence and enthusiasm for negotiations.

Henk’s Power Negotiation seminar is second to none. Thousands of people like yourself have said so on paper and videos. It is a genuinely international seminar. Henk has personally presented it internationally to major corporations and entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. No other negotiation trainer ANYWHERE has a comparable background.

Over 50 years, he has experienced every facet of negotiations, from Management-Labour negotiations, mediation, buying and selling to action in the courtroom as an Advocate of the High Court. He holds Fellowship of the Institute for Administration and Commerce, and Subject Matter Expert status (SME) with the Mediation Training Institute International, USA. He has the degrees IAC, B. Iuris, LLB, MHRP, and PhD.

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