Strike Management Video Programme and Manual - Negotiation Training for Effective Business Negotiating Skills and Negotiation with Unions. Labour relations skills.

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Strike Management Video Programme and Manual

Labour Relations training

Here’s the truth on how you can really take on any strike, anywhere in the world. Get your step-by-step video guide to managing your business profitably during a strike. Henk Botha pulls no punches in this exciting new video. You'll get specific, simple and yet amazingly powerful strategies for grabbing the initiative during a strike.
Henk talks to you in clear, plain language, as if he was sitting opposite you in your office, consulting for you. You'll get the latest information so that you can interpret events quickly. Even learn how to avoid some strikes!
10 Down-to-Earth Short Videos On One DVD
In a down-to-earth way, Henk Botha helps you identify your options when planning key management functions. Each of the ten powerful Videos will guide you toward a businesslike approach that will save you time, money, and lots of grief.
In these 10 video programs, you’ll get more than the "how-to" of handling strikes. You’ll also get the  know-how  to develop a realistic Management philosophy towards strike management. You’ll be able to identify desirable strike management objectives.
You’ll learn to use effective communication principles and methods. Discover how to handle the media to your best advantage.
Downloadable Action Guide That You Can Immediately Use
At the end of each video program,  you can stop the DVD, discuss the information with your colleagues, and take the action Henk recommends.
You’ll discover . . .

  • How to check whether your organization is strike prone

  • How to select your strike management team

  • Tips to ensure a workable strike management plan

  • What to consider when planning continued production or service

  • How to plan emergency maintenance functions

  • The considerations for planning security and protection

  • How to plan labour requirements and functions

  • Do’s and Don’ts during a strike

  • How to deal with the Police

  • Post strike procedures

  • Quick Reference Checklists

  • Facilities and equipment you’ll need

  • Questions and factors to consider

  • Signals to warn you that a strike may occur

  • Options available to you

  • Points to discuss with customers

  • Security

  • Employee facilities

  • Guidelines when preparing a press release

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DVD Outline
Video 1: Strikes and Lock-outs
Learn what is a strike and a lock-out. Discover what are protests, "stay-aways" and the various types of strikes your workers  may use against you.
Video 2: Management Approach and Objectives
How to check whether your attitude towards conflict management will work for or against you. Discovering  the skills you need. How to decide what you should aim for when handling  a strike.
Video 3: Setting up a Strike Management  Team
How to select team members and how to empower them to handle strikes efficiently. Their roles before  and during a strike. The needed facilities and equipment, and how  to plan the layout of the control-room.
Video 4: General Planning
How to clarify your organization's  existing policies, practices and customs. Also, you'll learn  how to identify signals for mobilizing your strike management team.
Video 5: Planning of Your Organization's Production or Service
What are your options for planning the level of production or service? How to set realistic targets for  production and quality levels. How to plan the shutdown procedure,  management of strikers, maintenance, supply of raw materials, the  maintenance of sound customer relations, picketing, and the delivery  of finished products.
Video 6: Planning of Security and Protection
How to plan the security of premises and the protection of employees. Checklists to ensure you  maximize your options.
Video 7: Labour Management during a Strike
How to decide your labour requirements,  using internal and external sources. Employee facilities, conditions  of employment up, protective clothing and equipment, safety standards,  first-aid and other key points.
Video 8: Communication
How to analyze communication flow and how to improve it. How to plan communication with employees  when a strike seems inevitable. Communication with non-strikers and  supervisors.
Deciding your organization's news policy. Points  to consider when you deal with the media.
Video 9: Guidelines for Handling a Strike
Specific guidelines to follow. Draft statements to strikers that you can adapt for your own company.  Mass meetings, negotiating structures, the Police and the issuing  of an ultimatum.
Video 10: Post Strike Procedures
How to manage the aftermath of a strike so that you are better prepared for future strikes.
FREE! 13 Action Forms that you may photocopy for your own use. Each will help you to manage strikes professionally . . . boldly . . . unwaveringly.

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