Power Negotiations™ - Negotiation Training for Effective Business Negotiating Skills and Negotiation with Unions. Labour relations skills.

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Power Negotiations™

Power Negotiations

“Excellent . . . Better than any management seminar I ever attended!”
A. Groenewald, Anglo American, Johannesburg

"The seminar was not only educational, you made the whole process fun. I conservatively estimate I was able to save the company $50,000 this year (1999)."
James Gross, Director Special Projects, National Business Services, Inc., Langhorn, Pennsylvania

“The best seminar on negotiation I ever attended. I will be able to use the tools I learned on my first day at work. It was a very intensive seminar and you made it fun, interesting, useful and ultimately applicable to our business.”
Angeles Garcia, Project Manager, McCarthy Building Companies Inc., San Francisco

“Very Good. Presentations and illustrations were very good. Your style and content were excellenty, with appropriate examples.”
Jolandi Salomons, Director, ELB Engineering Services, Johannesburg

In ANY Business, Timing is Everything:

Closing MORE Profitable Deals Got Easier
Powerful negotiation training lets you land profitable deals every time.

Take on any dealmaking opportunity . . .and make it work for you!

At this unique “hands on” seminar you’ll learn more than 200 potent negotiating strategies used by the world’s outstanding business persons.

NEVER miss another deal-making opportunity again: easily create your own powerful negotiation strategy to separate you from the crowd.

The E.M.P.O.W.E.R.™ technique to prepare yourself for a winning deal.

No guessing, no wasting time, and no DRAMA

Works for any negotiation: from buying to selling, project management, HR, wage negotiations, job offers, overdraft to finance negotiations.

Take part in
practical exercises, applying new techniques. You will discover where to pitch your proposals, how to make concessions without losing, and how to develop a winning strategy.

Space is limited.
Register online today. See the dates and venues on the registration form.

how to protect yourself against dirty tricks, and how to recognize unscrupulous negotiators. Discover how to pull your bargaining levers to make better deals. You’ll learn more from this power-packed seminar than you could imagine.

Improve the quality of any deal by simply changing the
pattern of your concessions. Once you learn how to overcome the tactics and stratagems of the people you negotiate with, you can use your own new tactics to win the finer part of a deal.

Discover new possibilities as you position yourself for every negotiation — use your new-found
skills — and watch as your plan comes together!

Imagine having the
confidence to go after any sales or business deal you want, knowing that you'll WIN it. Think how calm you'll be facing any bargaining situation, secure that you can turn it to your advantage. Wow!

This skill will be yours for the rest of your life ... to use in business — and even in your personal life and family situations — after two days of intensive and eye-opening training.

You will study and practice these proven techniques that I have field-tested over more than 40 years. I'll answer every one of your questions in detail. And, you will leave with a detailed
ACTION PLAN you can immediately put to work to start making profitable deals immediately after this seminar.

You'll learn ...

  • 200+ Techniques to Help You Win Any Deal You Want!  

  • E.M.P.O.W.E.R.™ yourself: Each of the seven letters of this acronym stands for a specific action that you need to take before a negotiation. With this internationally trademarked technology for preparing a negotiation strategy, you will be able to snatch the profitable deals right from under the noses of your competitors.

  • How to “package” your opening offer for maximum impact and credibility  

  • 3 techniques to create a winning strategy

  • 29 tactics that will add strength and credibility to YOUR case  

  • 8 steps that set the stage for a winning deal .... even if you're in a weak position

  • 5-step plan to generate the action you want

  • The #1 Formula that will let you negotiate to win every time ....even when you make concessions

  • 4 powerful negotiation tools to help you get what you want

  • The art of listening so you can quickly size up your opposition  

  • How to prove to yourself that you CAN make great deals using Henk's exclusive VIP Negotiation Tool™ and the VAT Negotiation Tools™

  • When to use the Salami, the Trial Balloon, the Boulware, the Pattern, the Krunch and many more techniques

  • 22 techniques to get the other side to make concessions to you

  • How to increase your “flexibility” while increasing your power

  • When to toughen (or soften) your negotiation style and pull your bargaining levers to make better deals

  • How to deal with hostile or uncooperative negotiators

  • 9 tips for protecting yourself from dirty tricks and unscrupulous negotiators ... and beat them

  • 7 Ways to take the “dead” out of deadlocked discussions

  • So much more ... you'll have a ball learning these new skills ... and become excited about putting them right to use!

Space is limited. Register online today.


“The programme definitely has great impact on the day-to-day tasks that I encounter with suppliers. New skills and tactics have come to light that will really make a great difference in my approach. The interaction, roleplay and appropriate references throughout were truly applicable. Thank you!”
Denice Thomas, Specialist, Mazda North America Inc., Flat Rock, Michigan

“Absolutely fantastic! Henk's ability to translate the leqarning material into real-life, practical examples, is truly amazing. This is a must-have  for any person in management."
Houng Huy Phung, Regional Project Manager,  Coca-Cola, Hanoi

“It was a brilliant seminar; it was made even better by the excellent presentation skills and communication ability. I need all the people who report to me to undergo this seminar.”
Moses Luyima, Supply Chain Manager, Century Bottling Company, Kampala

“Edge-of-seat stuff. The programme was fantastic, well presented and understood!”
Job James, Manufacturing Manager, CCK DAR-Tanzania, Dar-Es-Salaam

"Excellent programme! Well presented. Henk has extensive knowledge in this field. Highly recommended!"
Kevin Gardner, HR Manager, Port Elizabeth

"This is the best training on negotiations, and I've been to several."
George Goslin, Director of Purchasing, Certainteed Corporation, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

"The programme opened up a completely new way to do business, in both my private and business dealings. An excellent tool!"
Ian Boggon, Manager Non-Nuclear Projects, Cape Town

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