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How I Corrected
‘The Worst Mistake of My Life’ And Boosted the Quality of My Deals by Millions of Rand
And How You Can Use the Same Power Tools to Turn You into An Authoritative Closer Amongst Your Colleagues in Your Industry

Here is my video created just for you:

 Here's what others have said about

James Gross, Director Special Projects

National Business Services, Pennsylvania, USA
“The seminar was not only educational, you made the whole process fun. I conservatively estimate I was able to save the company $50,000 this year.”

Power Negotiation

Brand Theunissen, Managing Director

Agrinet, South Africa
“Henk brought years of practical experience. It was fantastic. Lively presentation. The practical guides, tools and handouts give confidence to apply what was learnt.”

I used to think about price in the same way as the other person.


On top of it, I failed to realise the power of saying “No”. I just wanted to get to YES. But in the process I became a problem-solver, not a negotiator! I suffered of a terrible negotiation disease. I call it "no-problem-itis." Whenever the othe person asked for something that I knew I could easily agree to, I said, "No, problem."

I failed to realise that each time I said to a customer, "No problem," I made a concession! I conceded too quickly!

And then, when it really mattered, I had run out of flexibility! I already had given away too much!

Then, I got a whack on the side of my head

In Business, It’s Not What You Accept That Counts, But What You Negotiate.

That was my moment of truth. My AHA-moment.

It started my personal journey to acquire negotiation skills, to research, test and document it.

If you want a PROVEN way of closing more quality deals without crumbling like the
Walls of Jericho, you are in the right place.

You are about to discover the route to negotiation excellence where you will get the negotiation tools to ensure that you get what you want. To finally making your deals profitable.

It isn’t fluff. It isn’t hype. It is a proven increase in the number and quality of your transactions. It's A proven MASSIVE MULTIPLIER of your company’s profits and your commissions.

There`s one thing that makes `POWER NEGOTIATION` different from every other negotiation programme on the market.

It goes one step above and combines ALL aspects of negotiation performance into a highly participatory workshop and easy-to-apply negotiation tools and tactics. I have personally developed it over a period of 40 years through intensive field-testing by South Africans for South Africans. It comes with an ACTION GUIDE that you can understand and follow.

When you attend the workshop, I teach and demonstrate the techniques to you so that you will experience them first-hand.

Here are all the training materials you'll get at this seminar:

Register Now!

Here`s just a quick glance at what you`ll get in the nine power-packed modules in POWER NEGOTIATION...

ü The "secret" negotiation formula that will let you win every time. . . even when you make concessions! Wow!
ü 4 powerful Negotiation Tools™ to help you get what you want.
ü When to toughen — and when to soften — your negotiation style.
ü The trademarked E.M.P.O.W.E.R.™ technology for planning a negotiation with punch.
ü How to increase your flexibility while increasing your power.
ü How to package an opening offer for maximum impact and credibility.
ü 3 techniques to create a winning strategy.
ü Leverage — how to get it. . .use it. . .keep it.
ü 8 tactical steps to set the stage for a winning deal — even when you are in a weak position.
ü How to quickly size up your opposition.
ü 40 tactics that will add strength and credibility to your case.
ü 30 techniques to get your opposition to make concessions to you.
ü 15 "dirty" tactics the other side might use against you — and how you can totally neutralise them.
ü 5 steps to generate the action you want.
ü How to take the “dead” out of a deadlock.
ü How to deal with hostile or unco-operative negotiators.
ü How to use the Trade-off Generator™, which will ensure that everybody leaves the negotiation table satisfied.
ü And much, much more to make you a super negotiator.

But don't take just my word for it. Customers all over the world are raving about POWER NEGOTIATION!  Here are some of their comments:

Angeles Garcia, Project Manager
McCarthy Building Companies Inc., San Francisco, USA:
“The best seminar on negotiation I ever attended. I will be able to use the tools I learned on my first day at work. It was a very intensive seminar and you made it fun, interesting, useful and ultimately applicable to our business.”
Zac Bard, Managing Director
Westfalia Marketing, South Africa
“A pertinent course with extremely powerful insightful content presented and communicated perfectly.  Merci Beacoup. French for 'Thank you very much!”

D. Smith, Operations Manager
Hans Merensky, South Africa
“Presentation and manner in which it was given held my attention for the full two days.  This made the course enjoyable and stimulating.  The seminar and its contents will definitely give me the edge over my competition.”
Ken Welch, Preconstruction Director
McCarthy Building Companies, Granite Bay, USA
“Excellent course. The presentation and materials were well organized, very user-friendly and practical. I feel challenged to use these tools and tactics at work and in my private life.”

John Rance,
Managing Director
Rance Timbers (Pty)Ltd
Stutterheim EC

Christie Olivier MBA
Key Accounts ManagerContinental Tyres
Port Elizabeth

Here`s the best part:  I don`t want you to blindly trust that POWER NEGOTIATION will work for you, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is.


If your job requires you to negotiate and you want to close more deals on your terms, you need to test out POWER NEGOTIATION. It’s that simple.

Therefore, to remove any risk to you, I am giving you a DOUBLE GUARANTEE. You'll receive a ZERO HASSLE REFUND of the tuition fee:
1) If you feel you have not received an excellent seminar; or
2) if you don`t get the benefits of applying the tools and tactics within the first 30 days.

That means no questions and no problems.  Now you can register with confidence!




Let`s be honest, this is an easy decision.  
You know POWER NEGOTIATION will give you —
Ø Powerful negotiation tools and tactics you can immediately start using for getting better deals.
Ø The trademarked E.M.P.O.W.E.R. ™ tool to plan your negotiation — you can use it over and over again.
Ø 20 sources of leverage — how to find it ... use it ... keep it!
Ø Tactics to negotiate a sale — even when you are not the cheapest supplier.
Ø 4 Negotiation Tools™ to get what you want.
Ø Don`t wait around and miss your opportunity to register for this very next seminar near you.
Ø If you`re serious about breaking bad negotiation habits and acquiring new negotiation skills, you need to act now!  Register below and I`ll see you at the seminar!
Ø Can you imagine what it will be like when you never again pay too much, settle too low or concede too quickly?
Ø If you want that to be your reality, then reserve your seat on POWER NEGOTIATION today and experience what it`s like to face any negotiation confidently and competently.

Enrol your elite management or sales or purchasing team now for my POWER NEGOTIATION seminar.

I can present this seminar in-house at your company in a venue of your choice. Get a quotation for an in-house seminar that is tailor-made for the challenges your business faces.

Flexible dates around your schedule.  

Invest in your business today.

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