Negotiating with Unions - Negotiation Training for Effective Business Negotiating Skills and Negotiation with Unions. Labour relations skills.

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Negotiating with Unions

Negotiating with Unions

"The negotiation skills seminar you conducted with our company was excellent in every respect and exceeded our expectations. The insights gained and more importantly, the down-to-earth practical way in which you taught us to apply these insights were better than any management seminar we have presented to our company. I can strongly recommend this seminar to any organisation, but please keep it away from our competitors ...!"
John Rance, Director, Rance Timber, Stutterheim

"I came out of the seminar feeling enlightened and very confident. In all my subsequent business and union negotiations, I felt I was drawing on your knowledge, advice and wealth of experience. I can sincerely say that it would be difficult for anyone not to benefit enormously, and I would not hesitate to recommend it highly to any prospective client."
G. Wiehe, National HR Manager, Kuene & Nagel, Johannesburg

"You have taken the highly complex process of negotiation and made it understandable in an effective way. I have come away from your course confident that my negotiation skills have been significantly enhanced and I look forward to improved contribution this will make to my company's effectiveness. All the chief negotiators in Stocks have now attended your course and we are already experiencing improvements in the results of our negotiations."
A.B. Claassens, HR Development Manager, Stocks Construction (Rand) (Pty) Ltd, Sandton

"I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar "Negotiating with Unions" and found it of great value to me in my job. The programme catered superbly for my specific needs."
Ryan Kerr, Sappi Forests, Pietermaritzburg

Negotiating with Unions

The better skilled negotiator wins the finest part of a deal. The less skilled person gains a fraction of what he or she could have got with the necessary tools to negotiate.

In these uncertain, often violent times, negotiating skills are critically important. You negotiate your way through business – if not with colleagues, then with customers, suppliers, employees and unions.

You are facing the challenge to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with unions. The KEY to setting up winning deals is to make everyone win!

One critical mistake, and you could have a strike. A few foolish mistakes and you might end with a weaker deal than what the union would have accepted without any negotiations at all!

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How to Make it Work for YOU

You, too, can master this vital business skill. Henk Botha offers a unique and tested step-by-step
practical seminar in labour negotiations. The ideas and techniques you'll learn are unique. Nobody
before has published or explained these ideas in this way. Learn how to fend off — even totally neutralise — your opponent's tactics. Confidently face the unions, knowing that you have the tools to negotiate win-win deals with them firmly ... unwaveringly ... BOLDLY!

During more than 40 years, thousands of managers from all over the world have attended Henk Botha's seminars. Many wrote, faxed or told him how they had made better deals by applying his techniques.

Negotiating with Unions™ is a practical course. The emphasis is on DOING. It is packed with case histories, how-to-tips, exercises and game-play advice. Significantly: the methods are tried and tested in face-to-face negotiations in the real business world.

  • The negotiation formula that will let you win every time. . .even when you make concessions!

  • 4 powerful Negotiation Tools to help you get what you need.

  • How to increase your flexibility while increasing your leverage.

  • 16 proven preparation steps to build a winning strategy.

  • 8 tactical steps to set the stage for a winning deal — even when you are in a weak position.

  • How to think clearly about your options.

  • What you MUST try to achieve during the first few minutes of a negotiation.

  • 4 potent tactics to make your opponent reveal his or her position.

  • How to improve your performance while under pressure.

  • How to maximise your leverage.

  • A tactic to find out if your opponent's objections are genuine.

  • How to get mileage out of your offers.

  • How to deal with hostile or uncooperative negotiators.

  • 5 steps to generate the action you want.

  • And much, much more to make you a great negotiator

What you'll learn ...

Negotiation Dynamics
The key ingredient of negotiation and collective bargaining.
Knowing when — and when not — to negotiate.
How to choose an opening offer.
How to get what YOU want.
Union tactics and how you can counter them.
How you can see through a union's demands so that you can drive the best possible deal.
Negotiation Tool No. 1™ to create winning deals.

Pre-Negotiation Planning
16 proven preparation steps that pay off BIG!
A powerful technique to find ways to help you to give the union a good the same time letting you also come out on top.
How to create a winning strategy.
Information and Leverage — how to get it...use it...keep it.
Using a team and selecting the right players.
Negotiation Tool No. 2™: How to use it to get more for less ... instantly!

Starting the Negotiation
How to take the driver's seat, deciding the direction you're going to take.
8 tactical steps that will always put you in a stronger position.
3 vital aims to create a positive climate...right from the start.
6 powerful tactics to use.
How to accommodate the union's needs without capitulating to pressure.
How to deal with a unionist who views you as “the enemy”.

Strengthening the Credibility of Your Case
21 tactics to strengthen the credibility of what you place on the negotiation table by influencing the unionists' thinking.
Down to earth steps and tactics to consolidate and defend your position.
How to cope with pressure.
How to take advantage of your hidden strengths while uncovering the other side's weaknesses.
How to defuse conflict.
How to prevent the unionist from side-tracking you.
How to manoeuvre for advantage.

Proposing and Packaging to Get ACTION
How to concede, and still win!
5 key steps.
Action-generating tactics which will make you feel good rather than guilty or defensive.
The winning advanced, but simple.
Responding to offers or demands — amazingly simple techniques to get a great deal.
Tactics to draw the negotiation to an end.

Space is limited. Register online today!

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