Negotiation Training for Effective Business Negotiating Skills and Negotiation with Unions. Labour relations skills.

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In deal-making, you don't get what is fair, you get what you negotiate!
Work 50% less and earn the same profit!
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POWER Negotiations!
Your Negotiation Success Is Guaranteed!

Thousands of negotiators have used Henk Botha's negotiation system to get profitable deals — in business and in private life. Click here to get more information!

E.M.P.O.W.E.R.™ yourself . . .

  • Increase your sales revenue by moving from merely selling to negotiation;

  • Generate Value Added Transactions (VAT's) when negotiating with suppliers, customers, contractors, professionals, financiers, and employees;

  • Make Win-Win agreements with trade unions to ensure labour peace and stability;

  • Recapture or rediscover your deal-making ability

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How many of these negotiation situations apply to YOU?

  • I'm selling my company's products or services

  • I'm buying supplies and raw materials

  • I'm negotiating at work about solutions for business problems

  • I'm asking people to carry out new tasks

  • I'm negotiating with a prospective employer about my salary and perks

  • I'm selling or buying a house, car, real estate, products or supplies

  • My child is asking me for pocket money

  • My love-of-my-life is asking me to buy something

  • I'd like to get leniency from the traffic officer who is about to ticket me

  • I'm negotiating with a creditor who intends suing me

  • I'm asking for a raise in salary negotiations

  • I'm negotiating with a union about wages and conditions of employment

  • I'm managing a strike

If any of these situations apply to you, you need the know-how, tips and tactics that will set you on course to win any negotiation.

Negotiating skill training will show you how to win at negotiation.

You are negotiating every day. Whenever you ask someone, or someone asks you to do something, you are in a negotiation. Always, when you ask someone to give you something, you are negotiating. Every time someone wants to take or get something from you, you are negotiating.
Learn how you can overcome your own Negotiation Obstacles

Negotiating skills training is the answer! Thousands of people, people like you, are using my tested tools and tactics, to build successful — high-paying — professional careers and businesses. With expert negotiating skill training you, too, will learn negotiation tactics to create powerful proposals, build credibility, negotiate terms and close deals.

Power Negotiations

Now you can learn all the secrets of professional negotiators at my Power Negotiation seminar. Learn how to create winning deals, even when others tell you it's impossible.

Advanced Power Sales Negotiations

Once you have successfully completed the Power Negotiations™ programme, you may attend my Advanced Power Sales Negotiations™ seminar. It hones and expands those skills what you have already acquired at the Power Negotiations™ programme.

Negotiating with Unions

If you negotiate with union organisers and shop shop stewards, my Negotiating with Unions™ programme will equip you with all the skills you will need.

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