Course Content Advanced Power Negotiations - Negotiation Training for Effective Business Negotiating Skills and Negotiation with Unions. Labour relations skills.

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Course Content Advanced Power Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations

This is what you'll learn at this Advanced Power Negotiation seminar ...

This seminar is strictly available for certificated persons who have completed the Power Negotiation seminar. It therefore builds and expands on the tactics, tools and techniques learned at the first seminar.

The Dynamics of Negotiation

What is negotiation? – 25 negotation mistakes and what to do about them

Preparing for Negotiation
The trademarked E.M.P.O.W.E.R.™ technology for designing a negotiation style with punch – Offers and demands – Negotiation Tool #1™ – Negotiation Tool #2™ – Negotiation Tool #3™ – Choosing the right opening proposal – Knowing your BATNA – How to prioritize the issues – Finding leverage – Selecting opening tactics

Start High, Ask More
The six laws of negotiation – Seven reasons for starting high and asking more

Negotiating Price
Three pricing principles – 20 Reasons why people will pay higher prices – How sellers negotiate price – How buyers negotiate price – How to counter the "Your-competitor's-price-is-lower" tactic – How to negotiate a price increase – How to negotiate with sole suppliers

Are you really pulling your bargaining levers?
The power to say "No" – Buyers constantly brainwash you! – Why do people negotiate with you? – Finding hidden leverage – Maslov's theory of needs – 20 Reasons why the competition may give you leverage ... on a golden platter!
Opening a Negotiation Effectively
Eight tactical steps – How to use Negotiatiion Tool #3™ during the opening – Bracketing the other person – Creating the illusion of a concession – The trial balloon – Four tactics for getting information from your counterpart – 17 Power questions – How to negotiate with "difficult people": the seven C's – 11 "dirty" words or phrases to avoid – The pros and cons of telephone negotiations, and how to negotiate by telephone

Strengthening your Position
Three tactical steps to set the scene – 17 Strengthening tactics

Proposing and Packaging to get Movement
Five tactical steps – Negotiation Tool #4™ – The Tradeoff Generator™, a tool so simple, yet so powerful – Negotiate in funny money – The Salami – The Krunch – The Ancient Squeeze – The Cutthroat – Siberia – The Mirror – Self-fulfilling prophesy – 23 concession-making rules – How to stop a personal attack – Nine ways to say "No – How to toughen your resistance – How to caucus

Closing the Negotiation
Two tactical steps – 13 closing tactics – Writing up the agreement

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