Advanced Negotiations - Negotiation Training for Effective Business Negotiating Skills and Negotiation with Unions. Labour relations skills.

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Advanced Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations

"Excellent! I believe you hit the highlights well and communicated clearly. Great value for my company."
Derek Glanvill, President, McCarthy Building Companies Inc., St. Louis, Missouri

"Very pleased with the presentation! Great working with you. The message gets carried over very well. This has given me BIG VALE and has already helped me advance in my company."
Morné Jacobs, Product Manager, Agrinet, Johannesburg

"WOW! I wish I attended your course years ago! Your techniques will certainly add tens of thousands of dollars to my company. An excellent program!"
Mike O'Leary, General Manager, Michigan Caterpillar, Kalkaska, Michigan

Advanced Power Negotiation™

Selling is not for sissies. This seminar is strictly for delegates who have completed the Power Negotiation™ seminar. Sales executives must have applied the techniques and negotiation tools and tactics they have learned since attending that seminar. Now they can go further. They can sharpen their skills and build on what they have previously learned.

Space is limited. Register online today. See the dates and venues on the registration form.


Look at some things you'll learn at this Skills Shaping Seminar™:

Negotiation Dynamics

  • The top 25 negotiation mistakes and what to do about them.

Preparation for Negotiation

  • The E.M.P.O.W.E.R. ™ technology to design a strategy with punch.

  • The six laws of negotiation to get more out of any deal.

  • Seven reasons for starting high and asking more

Negotiating price

  • Pricing principles

  • 20 reasons why people will pay higher prices.

  • How sellers of products or services negotiate price.

  • How buyers negotiate price

  • How to counter the "Your-competitor's-price-is-lower" tactic

  • How to negotiate a price increase.

  • How to negotiate with sole suppliers.

Are you really pulling your bargaining levers?

  • Leverage: How to get it… use it… keep it!

  • Buyers constantly brainwash you!

  • Six leverage-boosting questions

  • Why do people negotiate with you?

  • Finding hidden leverage.

  • Leverage, courtesy of your competition: 20 reasons why the competition may give you leverage.

  • How to negotiate win deals . . . firmly  . . . unwaveringly  . . . boldly!

Opening strategies that work

  • Eight tactical steps to climb into the driver's seat

  • Powerful opening tactics

  • Six tactics for getting information face-to-face

  • 17 Power questions

"Difficult negotiators"

  • The 7 C's for dealing with "difficult" negotiators

  • The Top 11 "dirty" words and phrases to avoid

  • How to stop a personal attach

  • How to say "No!"

Telephone negotiations

  • The pros and cons of telephone negotiation

  • How to negotiate by telephone

Strengthening your case

  • Three strategic steps you can take before arguing the merit of your case

  • Many credibility-boosting tactics to add to your quiver.

Proposing and Packaging to get Movement towards win-win deals

  • The negotiation formula that will let you win every time . . . even when you make concessions!

  • Powerful tactics to get movement (pushing the boat out of the boat house)

  • How to respond to proposals.

  • The Top 23 concession-making rules.

  • How to use the Tradeoff Generator™ to create win-win deals.

  • How to send signals of your willingness to move your proposal, without already moving.

  • 17 Movement-getting tactics to add to your arsenal of tactics, including the Krunch, the Ancient      Squeeze, the Cutthroat, the Mirror and the Siberia.

  • How to caucus

Closing the negotiation

  • Tactical steps for closing a negotiation

  • Powerful closing tactics

  • Writing the agreement

Space is limited. Register online today.

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